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Branding provides is a way to communicate your companies story, values and principles to your target audience, a strategy is a means to help you to reach your target audience using the guidelines of your brand.rnrn'Branding is the arrow to Strategies bow with the audience being the target' - Chris Outlaw, Four Elements

Brand Strategy (market research, positioning, ideas, channels, outreach, USP)

By defining who your audience is, where they are, what they want/need (problems you solve) you can help to create a brand that speaks directly to them. Researching this audience and competitors helps you to tailor your USP, branding, positioning, messaging, marketing and workspace / employees to effectively resonate with your market.

Branding and Identity (Logo, tone of voice, messaging, colours, fonts, imagery, video)

Your branding is usually the first step in the chain of a new customer/user experiencing your company and a lack of consistency between who you are, what you do/sell and the audience can create a discord it is hard to come back from. Four Elements creates brands that are memorable, connect to the right audience and make customers feel like they have found what they are looking for.

‘Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company and what people actually do think about your company and vice versa’ – Jay Baer

Brand Management

Once you have defined your brand and aligned your strategy to reaching your audience the plan in the strategy needs to be carried out. Four Elements offers a brand management service keeping the strategy and brand on track and consistent across platforms and channels from Web site, content marketing, PPC, Social Media Channels, search, video and print advertising.

Logo Design

Part of your overall Branding (above) your logo is an embodiment of your company in the form of a word mark, icon, font or a mixture of all three. A representation of your company in it’s simplest form that is memorable and easily recognisable. Four Elements design logos, usually as part of the overall branding of a company that is memorable, eye-catching and connects to your audience.

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