Video Production and Animation

Add Personality To Your Brand

Video and animated content has a huge power to tell your story and communicate messages. These can add huge value to your website and online presence, as well as being a useful sales and marketing tool offline. With years of experience, we know this medium can be used in many ways; from adding personality to a brand, to demoing your new product.

'If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures' - Chris Outlaw, Four Elements

What Can Video Offer Your Business?

  • Converts customers and gives credibility to your brand
  • The most direct way to communicate your brand to your audience
  • Set the tone of your brand and convey your message to customers, quickly and concisely
  • An engaging tool for sponsored posts, social media and advertising

3 Main Offerings

  • Video production – Filming and editing
  • Editing – Editing footage already filmed
  • Animation and motion design – Designing or using pre designed elements to create an animation explainer or gifs for social media

What You Get

Everything we produce can have bolt ons like music, voice overs, scripting and more.

We can produce videos for digital, content, social, radio, outdoor signage and TV.


All work below was done by the talented Lorna Wilson this is her showreel

Recent Video Production and Animation Work

“Fantastic service. Listened to what I wanted and put my ideas into practice. Would recommend to anyone.”

- David Bastin, DG Bastin Construction